The "Ice Bucket Challenge" was a tremendous success in raising money for ALS, but did it cure the disease? If Tiger Selfies get posted everywhere on social media, the problem of big cat abuse will go away FOREVER. Why? Because the problem is driven by uninformed people paying money to pet tigers and be entertained by them. But what they don't know is what happens to the tigers when they become too big to handle. Most end up in tiny cages for the rest of their lives. If it were socially unacceptable to pay to see or pet a tiger, the poachers who hunt them and the scoundrels who breed them would lose their revenue and stop. So, get Tiger Selfie and start posting your Tiger Selfies online - tagging your friends and challenging them to do the same. Together, we will end big cat abuse in a very short period of time. And 50% of profits go to Tiger Sanctuaries in the US.

Help save the tigers with Tiger Selfie. $0.99 on the iTunes App Store and on the Google Play store. 

Finally! You can take two of your favorite things - selfies and tigers - and combine them to make photos that will be the envy of your shallowest friends. Seriously, paying to get your picture with a tiger is wrong. Using Tiger Selfie is a great alternative, and it will help educate people about the abuse that big cats undergo for entertainment purposes. When you post your Tiger Selfie online, the picture with the tiger will show for a few moments and then it will transition to the message below, educating all who see it on the dangers of handling or paying to see or be entertained by tigers. Click here to learn more.