About Tiger Selfie

We donate 50% of profits to Tiger Sanctuaries in the US. Help save the tigers!

While we poke fun at the internet oddity that is the Tiger Selfie "thing," we are actually very serious about putting an end to this abuse. Please join us in letting the world know. You can have fun putting tigers into photos, and you can share them. Best of all, after viewing the image, the people in your social networks will see it transition to a message about the dangers of using big cats for entertainment purposes. 

We've all seen them. Those profile pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and...ahem..even Tinder. You know, the ones with the person and a tiger! And jealousy takes over. Who doesn't want their picture with a tiger?

Now you don't have to be rich enough to fly to Thailand to get your photo with a drugged tiger. You don't have to be stupid enough to jump into a cage with a tiger. And you don't have to know a crazy recluse who lives in a cabin with lots of explosives and happens to have a tiger. 

Now you can just use Tiger Selfie, the iPhone and Android app that is taking the social media world by storm. Take any picture and add a tiger. It's that easy. Once you're finished, you can save the awesomeness to your camera roll and post it anywhere you like. And after your friends are dazzled by the result, they'll learn about the consequences of using real cats for photo ops. 

Download the app here...